Extreme heat and icy cold in one experience? This is how you arrange it

As strength athletes, you know that life is like squats: Ascending and descending. Peaks and Valleys is another nice piece of wisdom, but with a grain of truth. Because if you never push the limits, you can whistle for a new PR or a beautiful view from the top of the mountain. And you can look for the same peaks and valleys with temperature. From now on, you can combine intense heat with icy cold at Holy Wellness – by Saints&Stars.


Of course we all know the saints and stars from Holy Ride, Holy Booty and Holy Shred. Not exactly places gym rats tend to visit, but with the arrival of Holy Wellness that will change. Because no matter what sport you play, recovery is crucial. This is unparalleled possible in sacred wellness.

But anyone who thinks that you can go to a sauna is wrong. At least 20 minutes at 90 degrees accompanied by one Star teacher You, who one moment is telling you to calm down, only to receive a hot slap in the face the next. After 20 minutes, it’s time to quickly shower off all the sweat and jump in the ice bath. Take some breaths first and then immerse yourself for 3 minutes in a bath filled with fresh ice cubes. One moment you’re engulfed in heat, and the next you’re icy cold. Now that’s a great experience.

After Holy Wellness, you are on the one hand exhausted because you have experienced the rise and fall of temperature, but you also feel completely zen because of the breathing exercises. Just a cup of coffee and you can get back to it. In short: we will try it.

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