Fabian Dumont of Common Fasten wrote a book called “5 Questions About God”: ‘Imagination is not a science’

Do God and faith in general still have a place in our modern society? This is the question that Cominard Fabien Dumont (55) tries to answer in his new book. “5 questions to be honest. 5 different topics where I try to combine history and science in order to make the topic debatable,” it sounds during the performance.

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“5 Questions About God”, the book’s title couldn’t be more clear. Fabian Dumont, who worked as a teacher in everyday life, spent years searching for answers. During this endeavour, he was faced more than once with the difficulty of explaining science. “I used to be a religion teacher, and there I often had the most unusual questions from students,” he says. Young people did not really understand the approach of faith and an entity like God. As a teacher, you can then choose to punish jokes or you can try to find the answer to these questions. I chose the second and combined the results of this research into a book.” Additional closing time Although the book had just appeared, the text had been gathering dust on the bookshelf for a long time, it turns out. “At a later stage, I switched from my religion teacher to French, but I I’ve never canceled the results of my research,” continued Fabian. He began. I’ve boiled down everything into five basic questions we can ask about God and faith. From more straightforward issues like “Who is God and where is He” to the important question of the Bible. Is it a book full of stories? Reality or a collection of myths and illusions?” “Especially with this question I could see that it was becoming increasingly difficult to convince young people of the value of this book. Jesus walks on water or can he conjure endless bread? In today’s society, we have always depended on science.” A clear description of what we see and what we can feel, identify and write that. In past times this was not the case at all, but more than that, they did not even have the writing system as we know it today.” Just think of the Egyptians who used graphics, and the hieroglyphs that We can now only explain it. Pictures were the norm at that time and you couldn’t just turn them into, say, physics or math. He concludes, “People have always tried to prove the existence of God and Heaven.” “Take the first space mission of the Soviet Union, for example?” “It was partly intended to show whether or not there was a God living above us. Today we must dare to differentiate between such tasks. Where they went in search of an answer to the question “what is God” with a rocket, we should actually be concerned with the question “why is there a god”. (SR) ‘5 Questions About God’ is available from various bookstores.

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