Fable 4 has been in development for at least four years

It’s been a while since we last heard about the new Fable, which Microsoft revealed in July 2020. The game is currently in the cauldron of developer Playground Games, maker of Forza Horizon 5, among others, but we still know very little about it. The release date is also missing, but at least we now know roughly how long the game will be in development. Principal engineer Tom Gulton says on Twitter that he’s been working on the new RPG for four years now.

You can consider this as positive news; It also regularly happens that a game is actually revealed while development is just beginning, but that’s not the case with Fable. likely. A grain of salt will not spoil. This game is being developed in several stages, and you don’t know what stage it is now, let alone how long the overall process will take. But there’s a good chance we’ll at least see more of the next Fable at E3.

It is also remarkable that development of the new Fable game did not begin long after the closing of Lionhead Studios. In 2016, Microsoft canceled Fable Legends, and in April of that year it also canceled the Fable franchise. But it didn’t take long before the focus shifted to a new tale, this time with Playground Games at the helm.

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