Facebook explains how the data breach happened without regret

Facebook explains more about the recent data breach as phone numbers and other data were announced for 500 million accounts. Facebook does not intend to inform users of the personal files affected by it, and no apologies come from the company.

Facebook data

Last weekend, the data became known at 533M The social networking site FacebookUsers were leaked around the world. This relates to phone numbers, place of residence, full names and date of birth. Although they are not passwords, they remain sensitive information that usually does not change. Facebook gives A word of explanation It states that it is not a hacking attack but rather a violation of its terms of use.

The news was originally brought before Interested in the trade After informing the news site about its conscious database containing data from Facebook users. Facebook now reports that the facts actually happened in September 2019, and meanwhile, the method used by the malicious parties no longer works. And Facebook also does not say it will inform users who have been victims of the attack. Fortunately, you can check for yourself if your data is on the street Through this way.

no excuses

CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s company also makes clear that there wasn’t any hacking involved, but rather it was Scraping Method went. This is a technology in which it quickly collects a large amount of data from the Internet. In fact, the attackers used a phone book to use these numbers to ask Facebook if they had any friends on the site. This is how the data flowed.

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According to Facebook, these are the people who have misused a feature and violated the platform’s terms of use. In doing so, it appears the company is abdicating responsibility, and the ball indirectly bounces back to the Facebook users themselves. The company also did not make any apologies in its statement.

The social networking site Facebook

The social networking site Facebook

Facebook is an American online social media service. Facebook for Android gives you almost all desktop options on your smartphone and tablet. This application ..

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