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Facebook has removed a video of former US President Donald Trump from the page of his son-in-law, Lara Trump. Since storming the Capitol Building in Washington in January, the former president is no longer welcome on Facebook.

Lara Trump, who works for Fox News, posted a video on her Facebook page in which she interviews Donald Trump about various issues. She later posted a screenshot of an email she received from Facebook on her Instagram account. The email stated that her video had been removed because it is “in line with the banning of Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.” “Any other content posted in the name of Donald Trump will also be removed and will ultimately lead to additional restrictions on these accounts.”

“Suddenly we got one step closer to Orwell’s book in 1984. Wow,” said Lara in response to the Facebook email.

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Instead, Lara, who is married to Donald Trump’s son, posted the interview on the video platform Rumble and linked it from her Facebook page. The former US president has also been banned from Twitter and YouTube.

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