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Denmark sent Reilly from the Faroe Islands to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. The archipelago’s broadcaster seems to have acquired a taste. He will do one Apply to the EBU for membershipWith the aim of eventually participating in a song contest.

It remains to be seen whether this will be successful for broadcaster KvF as well. On top of that Official website of the Umbrella Broadcasting EBU Can be read as broadcasters of a country Part of the European Broadcasting Area (as defined by the International Telecommunication Union ITU) or a member of the Council of Europe may become members of the EBU. As the Faroe Islands are a Danish archipelago, although an autonomous region and not a member of the European Union, this does not seem to be a problem.

Associate Member

The broadcaster still wants to make an application Before summer vacation. It is not known when the application will be approved. Ultimately, KvF’s intention is to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, but the question is whether it will succeed. The broadcaster’s CEO Ivan Niklasen recorded the following.

EBU membership is the first step. If we win, our next target is Eurovision. The competition is currently limited to independent states, but maybe we can have some kind of affiliate membership and work. I expect to have a clearer idea of ​​our prospects by next spring.

A subsidiary membership is possible for countries outside the European Broadcasting Area, but members of the ITU. The Australian broadcaster SBS As an example, they were invited to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest

However, KvF’s CEO also readily identifies a pain point for the participation of the Faroe Islands. The Eurovision Song Contest is about to take place Independently recognized countries, Belgium as one. Allowing an autonomous region to participate opens the door for other regions to join. Then we think of Kosovo (not recognized as independent by all) and Catalonia (a separatist province of Spain).

For example, in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest Wales area (a country of the United Kingdom), in addition to the UK, although not in the same year. As a result of the country’s participation in the JESF, we already wondered whether Flanders and Wallonia could also participate separately in the Eurovision Song Contest. However, the EBU prefers the Eurovision Song Contest Apolitical Therefore, on this question of KvF, she must be very careful both in approval and formulation. Let’s wait and see if we can welcome a new entrant to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2024 (or later).

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