Fewer wrinkles? Replace cardio with strength training

Strength training has become more popular than ever in recent years. It is healthy and a way to build muscle. But those aren’t the only benefits: New research shows that strength training also has a positive effect on the health of the skin cells and tissues in your face.

It can even reduce wrinkles.

Radiant skin

This exercise in general is good for your body which may come as no surprise. But these effects are so positive that they can reduce wrinkles, maybe yes. “It proves that any type of exercise is good for healthy, radiant skin,” says Professor Mark Tarnopolsky from Canada’s McMaster University. Washington Post.

For the study, sports scientist Satoshi Fujita and colleagues at Ritsumeikan University in Japan examined the skin of 56 middle-aged women for 16 weeks. Half of the women were instructed to cycle for half an hour twice a week. The rest had to do strength training twice a week.

Strength training has additional health benefits

After 16 weeks, it turned out that the women who ran twice a week were fitter overall. The women who did strength training turned out to be especially stronger. But in all of the women, their skin’s elasticity improved. This was in part because the skin tissue structure changes during exercise and collagen production also increases.

But the women who did strength training got an additional health benefit. Their skin layer became thicker because the genes that produce proteins to make and strengthen connective tissue became more active. “Theoretically, this could reduce wrinkles and keep you looking younger for longer,” says Fujita.

However, Fujita stresses that it was a short, small-scale study. So no definitive conclusions can be drawn yet, which need further research. So it’s not yet clear to the world why women who did cardio didn’t experience the same effect.

Young skin structure in active people

This isn’t the first time that scientists have investigated the effect of exercise on your skin. A group of scientists came in 2015 Until the discovery that in active, middle-aged individuals, the outer layer of skin thins, while the inner layer thickens. This has positive results, because the structure of the skin is similar in young people. This phenomenon was less pronounced in men and women who led more sedate lives.

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