Fidan Ekes and Renzi Klammer will stop immediately with De Voravo…

BNNVara The program ends after the summer Eve With Renzi Klamer and Fidan Ekes. Instead, there will be a talk show on August 30, which will be presented alternately by Sophie Hillibrand and Khaled Kassem.

Announcer determines “urgency” after two seasons Eve To miss what is being searched. “After two seasons, we have decided to discontinue the show by Renzi Klammer and Fidan Ekes,” says content director Gert Jan Hawkes. “They jumped to the deep end as a duo, who complement each other well and give the show its own character. It led to good conversations and high-level moments, but we have to conclude that the show lacks the urgency we are looking for.”

The intent is that the new program will lead “one presenter who is on top, directs, and defines the conversation of the day.” So Sophie and Khaled will alternately present the program.

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Sophie has already gained experience as a talk show host in 1, where she formed a regular duo with Hugo Logtenberg from the start last January. “A year and a half after the first show, the talk show table tastes more than that,” she says in her response. ‘I will miss Hugo so much, but I’m proud to be able to take care of my team BNNVara In such a beautiful place, with a new team, they can make this program. I’m also curious about the new guy in my life.”

The name Khaled is more striking. He has so far little experience in the show. Most viewers will know him as a lawyer for his law firm and as a family spokesman for footballer Abdelhak Nouri. “Amazement, interest and enthusiasm. This is what I take with me and what should lead to beautiful and inspiring conversations,” he says. “This challenge is unlike anything I’ve done so far, but I’m so excited to be working with Sophie and the entire team to create a talk show that people will enjoy watching.”

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Renze Klamer is surprised by the news on Thursday. The presenter believes that more entertainment is needed, he shared on Twitter. “Heard this less than 24 hours ago, and I’m still confused. Deleted due to no need to hurry, while management was instructed before season two: More entertainment. Who understands can say that. I’ll think about what I want to do now.” “.

Fidan is also heard and shares two photos on the social platform. The first is a press photo of the duo taken at the start of BnnVara. In the second photo, Renzi is outside the studio; He restored with long hair and a long beard and an acre with a hat. You write “how it started” and “how it goes”

I followed Eve The world is moving forward When Matthijs van Nieuwkerk decided to stop.

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