First round ArtTechTour: The educational festival about art, technology and science at Energiehuis

DORDRECHT – Nearly 1,000 high school students, subject teachers, artists, teachers, culture and primary education coordinators, artists, performers, inventors and invited guests visited the first edition of ArtTechTour from November 8-12. They were immersed in the world of art, technology and science. For this purpose, Energiehuis is equipped with various technologies.

Participants become familiar with the interface of art and technology through interactive guided tours, presentations and inspiration sessions, or work themselves during the workshops. This special education festival has shown that technology is all around us. And you can approach it from all angles. As well as with dance, music, theatre, poetry, philosophy and visual education. A special festival that was enthusiastically received and is sure to continue next year!

Dordrecht artists at Technolabs
Technology artworks that make use of or reflect on technology, have been selected by nationally renowned artists and Dordrecht. Art approaches play – play and have fun, move – progress and develop, empathy – social emotional, thinking – thinking beyond possibilities, history – technology from then to now and treatment – like medicine.

In Art as Therapy, I step into custom-made artwork by Dordrecht artist Elise ‘t Hart. Students in Art as Therapy discover that art can touch you, move you, or calm you.

Dordrecht Elise ‘t Hart’s sonic shower stimulates your ears (and your body) with hard, soft colors, short and long sound waves, tones, noises, recognizable sounds and harsh vibrations.

In “Art of Moving” you can see and listen to the work of audiovisual artist Nico Parlevliet, JODI netizens have confused you in “Art as History / Art as Future”.

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Inspirational meetings for primary and secondary education
In addition to ArtTechTour for students, afternoons are also organized for inspiration for teachers and subject teachers in education. They experienced an exciting mix of technical disciplines rich in contemporary technology. “This special place provides inspiration for showcasing work, and gives ideas to inspire children,” says an Art, Science and Technology Elementary Education participant at Powerstation.

During the so-called Finissage, the festive closing of ArtTechTour, Rick van de Linden, Alderman of Culture, was full of praise for the many Dordrecht artists working with technology, the schools’ broad interest in this subject and the special location of Energiehuis that the artworks provided a very beautiful stage. He thanked the KITE Education, Culture and Education Services Office, Dordrechts Museum, and Kunstmin’s D-sound for their contribution and commitment.

Special collaborations
ArtTechTour is organized by the Office of Education and Culture Services and KITE education. For program content, we have collaborated with the Dordrechts Museum, among others. D-Kunstmin’s voice contributed in the form of a special performance. In it, the audience discovered the role of technology in the performance of music and the performing arts.

Participating schools were Insula College Halmaheiraplein, Koningstraat, Stedelijk Dalton College, Yulius het Tij, Walburg College, DevelsteinCollege and CGS Willem van Oranje from Dordrecht, Zwijndrecht and Oud-Beijerland. ArtTechTour is made possible in part by Fonds voor CultuurParticipatie, Fonds 21 and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

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