Football fanatic hopes to resume competition with spectators: “But it must be profitable”

At the end of December, the advisory board decided not to allow spectators to the games until January 28th. Thus they decided to suspend various matches. Missed days will be created in February and April.

“However, the first teams from the 1st national (amateur) to the 4th province are not yet operational this weekend, although the advisory board has decided that football with the general public will be allowed to take effect immediately,” spokesman Nand de Klerk explained for Voetbal Vlaanderen.

State Council

Voetbal Vlaanderen previously announced that if the decision not to allow visitors is extended, it will go to the State Council. “If the advisory board gives the green light to football matches with spectators on Friday, we’ll first see what happens.”

“There is a difference between allowing 200 people to cross the site or allowing 1,000 in a stadium with an unlimited number of spectators. The latter, there is no debate. On the other hand, it remains to be seen whether the resumption of our amateur clubs will be financially viable,” de Clerk concluded.

Source: Sforza

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