For example, Donald Trump spent his first day as president

On his first day in office, Donald Trump played a round of golf on Thursday. But a carefree retirement is not possible.

Paparazzi snapped photos of the former president at his Florida golf club. Donald Trump returned to his hometown of southeastern Sunshine State on Wednesday, contrary to tradition, hours before Joe Biden’s inauguration. There, a fleet of cars and security guards escorted him from his Mar-a-Lago residence to his Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach on Thursday.

Wearing a hat from his political campaign – “Make America Great Again” – he appeared on a golf tour.

Although he criticized his predecessor Barack Obama, claiming that he himself would work so hard he wouldn’t have time, Trump played golf regularly during his presidency. Less weekly, and more often than Obama. He was on the golf course when the US media announced Biden the victory in the presidential election.

Pelosi: “Thank God he’s gone.”

Florida is a popular destination for American retirees, but a worry-free retirement isn’t for Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made it clear Thursday that his departure, or Biden’s message of unity, does not mean the Democrats will abandon the impeachment process.

Pelosi said during a press briefing that “the US president committed an act of incitement to revolt.” “I don’t think it’s very uniform to say, ‘Oh, let’s forget it and leave it behind.’ That’s not how you come together.” She was referring to Biden’s statement that “we must remember to be cured.”

Pelosi said it is the responsibility of Congress to maintain integrity. So the impeachment process must continue: “Just because he’s gone now – thank God – you’re not saying to a president,” Do whatever you want in the last months of your government. You get a card outside of prison without paying. Because people think you have to invent, and forget that people died here on January 6th, and that they tried to undermine our elections and our democracy and insult our constitution? No.”

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Mid-February trial

When the impeachment article is passed exactly to the Senate until the impeachment process begins there, Pelosi refused the permit. The Senate is about to approve Biden’s cabinet appointments.

And Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell had already suggested Thursday that Pelosi would not formally transfer the charges until January 28. Then both sides have two weeks, until February 13, to adequately submit their documents and prepare the case, says the Republican. He also indicated that he had suggested this modus operandi to Chuck Schumer, who heads the Senate Democratic Group. The two sides will have to agree on the agenda.

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