Forced into a dormitory to snore: ‘I don’t know how long I can go on with this’

The hostel is warm, the dormitory snoring is not fun

Eugeen (Second Year in International Business)

Two weeks in the hostel

He made some major adjustments to the requirements, but he keeps hope

IBA Eugeen student is forced to stay in Ani & Haakien hostel.

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Wouter Sternburg

“My first year was a completely online course, so I followed it from Kiev. This year I have some courses where I have to be physically present. There was a form where you could request to follow the year completely online, but unfortunately I did not qualify as a case “Exceptional.” Fortunately, I already knew how difficult it is to find a room at the moment, so I don’t have much stress yet. Although of course it is annoying that so far I have only been refused when I reply to rooms.

“At the moment I am no longer specifically looking for a good room. At first I thought of a furnished studio, then a regular studio, then a room, but now I am happy if I Something You find. The location doesn’t really matter to me, I can handle a 30 minute bike ride. I have also made a concession in terms of budget and will now accept a rent of €800. The hostel is more expensive because of the crowding, so staying here would cost me more than that month.

“Being in a hostel has its pros and cons. People are relaxed, there are relaxing movie nights and karaoke and free coffee are delicious. On the other hand, the bedroom snoring as a light sleep is no fun. I always wake up several times each night, despite the noise-blocking earplugs. In Recently, for example, someone was working on an apple at 2 a.m. in a lot. Unfortunately, that’s also part of it. I’d rather see a message in a group app with it: “We have room left, who wants to move in with us?” But Until then I’ll be here, based on how long people stay here on average, at least another week. I hope.”

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IBA student Eugene.

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Students are still looking for accommodation in the hostel

Many students are still forced to stay in hostels. They have more than a month after…

Looking for despair in other cities

Olive (third year at the Académie de Kooning)

Two weeks in the hostel

I’ve been searching for three months, but haven’t found anything yet

WDKA- olive student.
WDKA- olive student.

Image source:
Wouter Sternburg

“I just got back from the UK, during the pandemic my mother and I were in a high-risk group. Before that I was living in a Student Hotel. That was very expensive and trade-off. For the other ten, that mentality. I’ve been looking for a room in every way possible since Almost three months now.Kamernet, Facebook groups, via via, even Reddit… I was hoping that when I was in Rotterdam, it would be easier for me to find a room. This is very frustrating.

“The lack of affordable rooms seems to have gotten worse than it was a couple of years ago. I know a lot of people who are also looking for rooms to move in together, but homes aren’t there for all kinds of reasons. There are still big ‘Dutch only’ ads Very much, or she is looking for a working student. I would like to work, but I can’t really until I have a place to live. In desperation, I am now also looking to other cities and am willing to pay more.

“My WDKA tutor can only help by submitting a few websites, but I already knew them. Unlike EUR, they don’t have their own accommodation available. What surprises me is that there are no companies I can go into and they will look for something or offer Casually. I am now in a very comfortable hostel, but the lack of privacy, cramped kitchen and alarm clocks for everyone in the dormitory…I don’t know how long I can stay. I hope to find somewhere soon.”

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Months later suddenly tried a place

Thomas (Master of Strategic Management for Students)

Three weeks in the hostel

Looking for temporary housing until the end of January

Master student Thomas in the kitchen of the Ani & Haakien Inn.
Thomas’s master’s student in the kitchen.

Image source:
Wouter Sternburg

“In a couple of weeks I can move to my temporary room in the north, and until then I will be here. It gives me great satisfaction to find a room at least until the end of January. I have been searching with two friends since June: first online in Portugal, then a few weeks in Rotterdam With a friend’s aunt and then back in Portugal We didn’t have until mid September an online information session from the International Office where we got tips on how to find a room We were actually hoping they would have rooms available but that turned out not to be the case It was a very stressful time, because in addition to searching for a room, it was also hard work to get a master’s degree.

“At the end of September we had an exam that we had to be physically present. When we traveled to the Netherlands two days before the test, we got a Facebook invite to watch in the North the day before the test. We got a good flick with the woman who rented the apartment and after months of trying We suddenly had a place to live. A heavy burden fell on our shoulders, so I don’t mind staying in the hostel for a while. Because of the noise around me, I have to communicate via chat during workgroups, but eventually I got used to it too.

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“Since the room is only temporarily available, I will have to look for new accommodation again for the second half of the school year. But I feel better prepared and think it will be easier than this first time. By then the exchange students will leave and hopefully more will be available. I know. Also, you have to send hundreds of responses to get a bunch of offers. It’s the same.”

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