Former Brexit negotiator blames EU after war on Northern Ireland | Now

David Frost, who negotiated on behalf of the United Kingdom in the Brexit process last year, slammed the EU on Sunday. Frost, who is now an EU adviser to Boris Johnson’s government, is calling on the EU The Sunday Telegraph Brussels says it is entirely responsible for the malicious and new conflict over Northern Ireland.

The reason for this criticism is the legal action that Brussels is currently considering. On Wednesday, the British themselves decided to postpone tariff restrictions on British products going to Northern Ireland for six months. According to the EU, this is against the Brexit agreement and therefore violates British international law.

Frost turns it down that the UK has no choice but to consider setting up tariff restrictions on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland last month. After a storm of criticism, the move was dropped. “This behavior of the EU has severely damaged confidence in Northern Ireland’s ethics (which keeps the Irish border open, edition),” Frost said.

In the new situation after Brexit, Northern Ireland belongs to the European Customs Union, which means that independence movement is possible on the Irish island. Products entering Greater Ireland from Great Britain must be verified. The new situation, among other things, led to empty shelves in northern Irish supermarkets, forcing the UK to further postpone border restrictions. “Measures have been taken to protect the daily lives of the Northern Irish people so that they can continue to receive packages and make mistakes,” Frost writes.

“I hope they (EU, edition) will shake the evils against the UK and choose to form a friendly relationship as two sovereign powers,” the British EU adviser concluded.

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