Former employee railway manager filming a hot movie on his last working day

A former employee of Dutch railway manager ProRail celebrated her last day at work by using the office building as a setting for a “nature movie”.

In the video, a woman can be seen walking into the famous De Inktpot building in Rotterdam, getting lost in an office. The woman is a former employee, according to a ProRail spokesperson. “That is why I was able to enter the building. It is related to a former employee who still had her own entry permit.” The woman is said to have recorded the video in question on her last working day.

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I hope it stays that way

ProRail is currently investigating the possibility of steps being taken against the former employee. The speaker admits he can also laugh a little bit about it. “It’s okay to set the record straight as well. But that is of course not the intent: let it be clear. I hope it stays that way, in terms of the videos,” he tells general newspaper. “It will soon be Open Memorial Day, when our office will also be open to the public. But that offers a different perspective on this.”

De Inktpot, where ProRail’s main office is located, is the largest brick building in the Netherlands and this year celebrates its centenary.

For those who are interested: Someone who is a bit helpful with Google will find a link to the full video in no time.

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