Former reporter Tim de Wit visits Heimstead to discuss his book ‘Wankel’s Kingdom’

Former United Kingdom Correspondent Tim de Wit will be at Blogger Bookshop next Saturday 16th July to present his book ‘Wankel’s Kingdom’. As a correspondent for NOS, among others, Tim has reported from London for seven years. Anyway, it didn’t get boring because with Brexit constantly in the news, Tim appeared on one news program after another. After returning to the Netherlands last year, he decided to put down on paper many of the events and experiences of his correspondence. His book hit the shelves last month, and tomorrow de Wit will personally come to Heimstead to discuss it and sign it for anyone interested.

Tim de Wit established himself as a reporter in relatively quiet London seven years ago. What follows are political events, intrigue and above all… chaos. The country turned upside down. It actually still is. In this book, De Witt looks under the hood of the United Kingdom. And guess what: it squeaks and creaks on all sides. Scotland wants to leave, the weather is ringing in Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson is lying with glee, and even after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, oligarchs in London are barely dealt with. The future after Brexit is completely uncertain. At the same time, the British believe that it will all work out. If they can do anything, it’s progress.

Listen to Harlem Today’s full interview below. Text continues below section.

During his last months as a reporter in London, de Wit got the idea to turn his stories into a book. “It was therapeutic to write down everything I’d been through and let it go back into my head.” So the book became more personal than other works written by fellow correspondents. “I felt the need to explain, in my opinion, especially to the Dutch people, how the country had changed in those few years.”

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After 13 years living abroad, Tim rediscovered the Netherlands with his book presentations and autographs. “I generally did little business at Lisse, Ede, and Nunspeet everywhere.” On the radio show Harlem Today, Tim says that he is completely curious about the people who have read his book, so he is happy to answer questions from his readers.

Tim de Wit will present tomorrow at 15:30 Blogger Bookshop in Heamstead.

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