Former Spanish King Juan Carlos decided to stay in Abu Dhabi

The former King of Spain Juan Carlos I has decided to remain in the UAE for the time being, as he has been living in exile since 2020. This was announced by the Spanish royal family.

The 84-year-old former king wrote to his son, current King Philip VI, in a letter: “I prefer at the present time, for reasons of my private life and which concern me only, to remain permanently in Abu Dhabi.” By the royal family made public. ‘Once decisions’ [Spaanse, red.] The Public Prosecutor, with whom the investigations against me have ended, it seems appropriate to consider my return to Spain, but not immediately.

He says he “found peace” in Abu Dhabi, but promised to return to Spain regularly.

Three studies

Three investigations were conducted with him, but the Spanish court announced last week that it would classify the investigations into Juan Carlos I. According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the former king cannot be prosecuted due to the “lack of evidence, statute of limitations and immunity” that the head of state enjoyed until his abdication in 2014.

The main investigation concerned the commissions that Carlos allegedly received when Spanish companies signed a contract to build a high-speed train between Medina and Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

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