Fragments have been found, presumably from a missing submarine …

It is assumed that international search teams have found the wreckage of the missing Indonesian military submarine. That is why it is now believed that “KRI Nanggala-402” has sunk, according to Air Marshal Hadi Tjiganto, Commander-in-Chief of the Indonesian Armed Forces, on Saturday.

It is a bottle of lubricant for the binoculars and a part made to protect the torpedoes, Tahiganto said. “The things that were found near the submarine’s last known location are believed to be parts of the submarine,” he said. These things would not come out of the submarine unless there was pressure. ”

The ‘KRI Nanggala-402’ with 53 people on board has disappeared since Wednesday. It lost contact with the German-made ship 95 km off the coast of Bali on Wednesday. The Indonesian Navy ship disappeared from the radar during a torpedo attack exercise.

The Navy suspects that the submarine is underwater between 600 and 700 meters. However, the 44-year-old was only built for diving at a depth of 500 meters. It was estimated that the crew had oxygen for up to 72 hours. This stock will be exhausted on Saturday morning at 2 am local time. Navy spokesman Julius Wedgujono admitted that “there is no progress yet.” “I hope we will find the boat this afternoon. We will continue to investigate the area.”

In the search for the submarine, Indonesia also received assistance from Australian, Singaporean, Malaysian and Indian ships and US aircraft on Saturday.

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Relatives of those on board continue to cherish the hope that the ship will be located after all.
Photo: AFP

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