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Assita Kanko.
Photo: Geert Van de Velde

European Parliament Member Assita Kanko (40) is running for Vice President of the N-VA. Several sources confirmed this to the editor. Kanko has only been a member of the N-VA since the end of 2018. Before that, she was active at MR in Ixelles municipality in Brussels. She will soon move to Vilford to reinforce the party there.

Kanko himself does not want to confirm the news. Like other potential candidates, she waits until all applications are received, which is next Sunday at the latest. The following week, on Saturday 6 February, the Party Council will vote who will be the two new vice presidents. Current Vice President Lauren Barries has already announced that he wants to succeed himself. Other names in circulation include MPs Anilene van Bossuet, Valerie van Bell, and Theo Franken. The latter two have already said they just want to clarify a possible candidacy on Sunday.

Franken also kept his lips together Thursday evening in a live Facebook chat with Jean-Marie Dedeker. “The internal council elections must remain internal,” he said. “But N-VA is the party I love. We must continue to cherish the battalions.” However, Dedeker pushed his voice during the conversation to take on the challenge. “Being vice president doesn’t mean anything, but it will be a great rehabilitation,” said Middelkerke Mayor. Not only did he refer to Cocam’s case, but he also referred to the decision to leave the Michel government.

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