French Prime Minister Born offers his resignation and Macron refuses | Abroad

He believes that “the government should continue to carry out its duties.” Macron says he is looking for “possible constructive solutions”. His party coalition “The Group” won only 245 seats in the National Assembly out of 577 deputies in the parliamentary elections. He has ruled until this week with a majority of 350 seats. Macron must now look for new allies or partners in tolerance.

So he is talking with the leaders of all the political parties to see what kind of government can come. He has the best chance with the centre-right Republicans, who now have 61 seats.

The biggest winners in parliamentary elections have long argued that Macron should disappear from the political stage due to what they see as disastrous policies. Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s radical left coalition Nupes (New Populist Ecological and Social Union) won 131 parliamentary seats, but it does not constitute a cohesive unit. The EELV environmental party and the communists had already declared that they did not want a united faction of Nubians led by Melenchon. Then the populist National Rally (National Assembly) led by Marine Le Pen became the largest opposition party in the French Chamber of Deputies with 89 seats. Mélenchon’s party, “La France Insomes” (France Not Introduced), won nearly eighty seats.

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