From now on, you can find out how many employees have been vaccinated in the hospital or residential care center online

A study by Care and Health and the Flemish Institute for Quality of Care (VIKZ) asked Flemish care facilities to disclose their vaccination coverage. This survey shows that the vaccination rate in general and rehabilitation hospitals reached 96.8%. Psychiatric hospitals (95.6%) and residential care centers (95.8%) report slightly lower immunization coverage rates.

About six out of ten healthcare facilities participated in this study: 469 residential care centers (57%) and 48 hospitals (79%) reported their numbers. Of all health care workers, doctors and volunteers are the best vaccinated. As a group, nurses are often more fully vaccinated than health care professionals. Job seekers are the least immunized.

Virologist Mark van Ranst is already reacting positively. “Our Flemish care institutions are well vaccinated against Covid-19. Our healthcare workers have witnessed the devastating impact of this virus firsthand and are therefore very excited to protect themselves, their loved ones and their patients through vaccination.”

Flemish Minister of Welfare and Health Water Beck (CD&V) also expressed satisfaction: “The numbers show a high rate of vaccination, which is very good. There are still a few functional groups and facilities that we need to pay extra attention to, and we will continue to focus on that. In the coming weeks and months.” Beke invites other facilities that have not yet submitted their applications to also participate in this indicator and announce their results in the short term.

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