German Navy chief resigns after controversial comments on Russia and Putin

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The commander of the naval component of the German army, Vice-Admiral Kai Achim Schönbach, resigned on Saturday evening. DPA has heard about this from a good source.

source: Belgian

Earlier in the day, a diplomatic row erupted between Germany and Ukraine after a video was leaked in which Schonbach said fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine were “nonsense”, that Russian President Vladimir Putin should be respected and Crimea would never return. In the hands of the Ukrainian. He also said that Ukraine does not meet the criteria for NATO membership.

Schonbach’s comments came at a time when fear of Russia’s invasion of its neighboring country is rising among Western countries. The discontent with the naval commander was reportedly palpable in relation to the Schulz government, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry had already decided to call the German ambassador to Ukraine to account.

In Kiev, there is also great dissatisfaction with the fact that Germany wants to provide Ukraine with a fully equipped field hospital, but – with tens of thousands of Russian troops on the border – there are no weapons. According to Foreign Minister Dmytro Koiliba, in this way Germany encourages Putin to launch a new attack on his country.

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