‘Getting a Breath of Fresh Air’ Is the New Trend According to The Washington Post

Away with the cozy Hygge of the Danes, getting a breath of fresh air is the ‘new trend’ according to Washington Post.

In 2015, everyone was still talking about hygge, a Danish concept that can best be described as “comfort and comfort”. Now is the time to breathe fresh air, or pronounce out-vhy-en in English. according to Washington Post This is the new trend.

Tess Posthumous from Amsterdam tells the American newspaper that she is replacing the crowded city with the beach. There you go to get fresh air by surfing, not walking. The article then continues by explaining the importance of wind in the Netherlands. “The Dutch have been using wind as a source of energy for centuries,” the paper wrote. “The windmills have been set up there for so long that they are almost a national symbol.”

“Is this satire?” the Dutch responded on social media. Journalist Molly Coyle writes, “I beg the American media to stop writing about any European word as an explanation for improving the quality of life on this side of the pond.”

It is the thousandth time that foreign concepts have attracted attention in the United States. his last winter outdoor life (free-loofts-liv) Gained popularity in the media. The Norwegian tradition, which translates as “living in the fresh air”, means that nature is embraced and that time outdoors is part of everyday life, regardless of the weather.

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