Global spending on nuclear weapons increases by 1.4 billion d

Last year, the nine largest nuclear powers spent $ 1.4 billion (1. 1.1 billion) more on new nuclear weapons than the previous team. That was the end of the International Campaign for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons (ICANN) in a statement issued on Monday.

As the health sector worked overtime and fought the epidemic with far fewer medical supplies, “nine countries made more than $ 72 billion available for weapons of mass destruction,” the ICANN report said.

At $ 37.4 billion, the United States accounts for 5 percent of its total military spending, more than half of its nuclear weapons spending, and China (10 billion) and Russia (8 billion). In all, major nuclear powers, including the United Kingdom, France, India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea, spent $ 137,000 a minute on nuclear weapons.


In October 2020, the Disarmament Treaty was ratified for the 50th time. “While these nine countries continue to waste billions on weapons of mass destruction, the rest of the world is outlawing them,” ICANN said.

More than 20 nuclear weapons companies, including American companies Northrobe Krumman and General Dynamics, have benefited from existing or new deals from trade over the past year. In addition, the report found that 11 Western companies alone had won $ 27.7 billion in nuclear weapons contracts.

Companies have spent $ 117 million on campaign policymakers to spend more on security. For every dollar spent on the campaign, there were 6,236 in contracts. In addition, companies have spent more than $ 10 million on key think tanks researching and writing about nuclear weapons policy solutions.

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