Going green is healthy: 6 health benefits of going nature

A short walk in nature does indeed have a positive effect on health. What makes nature so healthy? Immunology professor Cheng Li conducted research into it. And imagine what? There are health benefits to walking in nature.

We include them for you

1. You sleep better

The test subjects, who walked 2.5 kilometers in the woods, slept more than an hour that night. An interesting detail: an afternoon walk improves sleep quality more than a morning walk.

2. You get a better mood and more energy

Walking (in the city or in the forest) reduces feelings of fear, sadness and anger. Walking in nature also has a positive effect on your level of vitality and energy. After walking in the green, you come home happy and refreshed. There are also many mental health benefits of spending time in nature.

3. The immune system gets a boost

In people who stayed in the forest for three days and two nights, the number of natural killer cells that can eliminate viruses and cancer cells increased by fifty percent. This effect persists for at least thirty days. Staying shorter in the woods also gives a boost to the killer cells.

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4. You get a better memory

People can remember twenty percent more after walking in green areas. special, right?

5. Worry less

Walking in the great outdoors not only dispels negative emotions, but increases positive thoughts as well. You start to think about things differently and see them from a better, more positive perspective.

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6. Become more social

In nature we remember that we are part of a larger entity. This increases feelings of gratitude. Researchers have also shown that people become more attentive and helpful after having a seizure planet earth Or look at pictures of tall trees.

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