Google Assistant will improve “Hey Google” discovery

Do you often yell unsuccessfully “Hey Google” when you need help from Google Assistant? Then we have good news. Google will improve the detection of your voice command.

Read on after the announcement.

“Hey Google” will soon be better known by Google Assistant

if I were Google Assistant To turn on, say “Hey Google” or “Okay Google”. In practice, it unfortunately happens that your phone or smart speaker does not pick up the voice command. Or for the Google Assistant to start talking to you when you never asked. Google will use your voice to solve these problems.

Find out 9to5Google. Some users see a new option in their Google Assistant settings. This allows them to store their voice commands so that algorithms learn from their mistakes. If Google Assistant is not activated or activated improperly, it is most often due to background noise that is difficult for the system to distinguish from the real thing. Heavy accents are often difficult to spot in practice.

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