Google integrates Google Lens into the web version of Google Images for text

Google has improved the web version of Google Photos. In the web version, users get the option to copy texts to your computer’s clipboard. Very useful addition thanks to Google Lens.

Google Photos on the web: transcribe text

Google Lens is a useful addition that allows you to quickly identify things. Think of a plant, as you know instantly what kind of plant it is through Google Lens. Another useful addition is that you can scan text and translate it directly, or copy it to your phone’s clipboard.

A new improvement is being rolled out to the web version of Google Images. Users can now also scan and copy, for example, paste text from images into it. This is called optical character recognition, or OCR. A smartphone no longer needs to be added to this.

If you want to use the function, the option “Copy text from image” will appear on the screen. You can then select and copy the text. What we noticed is that the functionality is not really available for every image, although there is a great deal of text in it. Therefore, it is also fortunate for Google to recognize the text in the image. This cannot be enforced.

Google photos
Google photos
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