“Google won’t introduce the Pixel 6 in September, but in October”

Last week, news emerged about the possible date of the presentation of the Google Pixel 6. There was already a suspicion about this at the time and another source stated that this information is incorrect. This will be the real date.

Read on after the announcement.

Rumor: Google Pixel 6 Pro introduced in October

Recently, a rumor appeared about the date of presenting Google Pixel 6 employment Pixel 6 Pro. according to John Prosser, a reliable source, however, is not true. According to Prosser, that is unlikely to be google browser Chooses to schedule an announcement the day before a big (unconfirmed) Apple event.

He did not give a specific date, but pre-orders will start from October 19. The question remains as to whether this is the day of the big Made by Google event, but it can only be called. The smartphones will be on the shelves from October 28 and will then be delivered to people who have already placed an order.

Finally, Prosser lets you know that it’s best if Google delays the unveiling a bit. For example, there is a huge shortage of chips all over the world, which is why Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Maybe not yet submitted.

“Pixel 6 (Pro) is available in these markets anyway”

We do not expect the devices to be officially launched in the Netherlands and Belgium. However, it won’t be long before it becomes available in Dutch online stores via gray import. This means you can still have them (together) with a subscription.

Given the availability of previous Pixel devices and landing pages already online, we also think we know where to buy them anyway. It is better to move to Germany, France or the United Kingdom. We also expect devices in Canada, Japan, and the United States.

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More about Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

Google has already announced that both smartphones are equipped with self-developed smartphones tensor slide. The devices have an AMOLED screen, but only the Pro version has rounded screen edges. naturally Android 12 On board, making it the first devices with the new Android version. Become No more charger Supplied, but the hardware can Shipping faster than their predecessors.

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