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The government has been accused of preparing a “restructured document” in an attempt to stem the Tory rebellion from its strengthened corona virus layers.

Ministers have released the impact assessment of the new deployed system COVID-19 Restrictions ahead of Tuesday’s referendum.

Boris Johnson is battling to avoid a Conservative uprising over the move, with his MP speaking out about the new system coming into effect in the UK when the second lockout ends on Wednesday.

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The Prime Minister is facing a lockout clash with Tory MPs

According to an account with Sky News, a total of 65 Tories have voiced their displeasure over the tiring or said they are unlikely to support the move.

Labor leader Sir Khair Stormer will not oppose his party’s line-up, but will abstain from voting.

“It is very important as an opposition party that we act in the national interest,” he said.

“We have serious doubts about the government’s plan and plans, but we will not vote for them tomorrow. We will not vote against them.”

In its impact assessment, the government says that while the new regulations will have a “significant” impact on the economy, allowing COVID-19 to run unhindered would be “too bad” for public health.

Failure to take drastic measures will see the NHS overstretched and lead to “intolerable” loss of life, the document said.

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‘We have brought this virus back under control’
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But in a bad response, a senior Tory MP said there was no new information on the attack assessment.

“With more than 24 hours until MPs vote on the new sorted system, this restructured document is far less economically viable than it was when the OPR was released last week,” said Treasury Select Committee Chairman Mel Strait.

“It is frustrating not to mention here how different layers can have an impact on specific sectors and regions across the country.

“Those looking forward to an additional economic analysis of the new deployed system will struggle to find it in this document.”

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Mark Harper, chairman of the Conservative MPs’ COVID Rescue Committee, who is skeptical of further restrictions, said the analysis “seems to be falling under the glare of the study” and that “the wheels are coming from the government’s arguments.”

Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 group of backbone Tories, said voting against the government was almost certain.

Speaking at an online event organized by the Institute for Economic Affairs, he said, “My concerns about the impact on civil liberties and basic human rights remain.

“The truth is, my own volume [Altrincham and Sale West] Good is unfairly placed in the wrong layer – if it does not change, I will inevitably vote against it. “

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Targeted COVID hotspots with mass testing

Tory opposition to the layers is driven by the fact that 99% of the UK population will fall under the two hard layers from Wednesday.

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About 32 million people – 57.3% in the UK – fall into Tier 2. But 23.3 million people – 41.5% of the population – are to be placed in tier 3.

Large areas of the Midlands, North East and North West will be subjected to drastic measures.

Hospitality venues will be closed before Christmas if they fail to provide delivery or delivery services, and are prohibited from mixing into homes.

Many MPs have questioned the basis for the layered decisions and raised fears about the economic impact.

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Govt-19: Restrictions until Easter

Mr Johnson acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

Now the Prime Minister has said that it is wrong to “remove our foot from the beast’s throat.”

The health secretary has appealed to Tory MPs to support the deployed system, saying it is the “best way” to avoid a third national lockout.

Speaking at a Downing Street news conference, Matt Hancock said, “I urge all MPs across the House to vote for the organized organization.

Mr Hancock said the UK was locking up “We have brought this virus back under control.” – But warned that constant awareness is needed.

Analysis: Layer rating does not satisfy suspicious MPs
Written by political correspondent Tom Rainer

Conservative opponents of the new regional stratification are very specific about what they want to see from the government’s assessment of the new stratification.

Before voting in public on Tuesday, MPs should be aware of the social and economic impact of “every proposed restriction” within each tier, said Corada and former chairman of the COVID Rescue Committee, Mark Harper.

But the document released by the government did not do that.

Instead it states that “the exact economic impact of a particular shift to a particular control cannot be predicted with confidence”.

There is acknowledgment that the Office of Budget Responsibility’s latest forecast is based on a loose stratification system that was in place before the lockout across the UK, so the new tougher version of the regional stratification system is likely to see more short-term economic losses as “average controls are stricter in the UK”.

But the estimate of the economic impact of being able to go only one pub with your own home in Tier 2 is not included.

The broader justification for the stratification mentioned in the document has been made by ministers in recent days – while there are economic and social costs, failure to function and the high impact of the NHS being “unbearable for our society”.

But considering that Conservative backbenchers are voting against the government, this argument will not be enough to change their minds again.

They know the argument, but they want to see conclusive evidence to justify it, and it is not clear that this document will be perceived as having provided it.

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