Govt-19: Two million more modern jabs secured as PM appoints new vaccine minister | UK News

The government has received an additional two million doses of the Moderna Covit-19 vaccine, which tests show are 95% effective.

The announcement came The government appointed a minister, Nadim Jahawi in charge of national sorting of castes.

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Modern vaccine: ‘No evidence of immunosuppression’

Total number of moderna vaccine doses From the American Pharmaceutical Company Now it is seven million – enough for 3.5 million people in the UK.

The jabin dose may start in the spring, but has not yet been approved by the Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA).

The Oxford and Astrogeneca Jab It could roll within weeks if approved by the MHRA, with more than 100 million in the UK.

There are also 40 million sizes Pfizer and Bioendech In the vaccine line, it has been proven to be 95% effective.

Mr Jahavi, who is also the commerce minister, said he was happy to be held accountable when the vaccine was released.

“A big responsibility & a big operational challenge, but we’re absolutely committed to ensuring that vaccines can be eliminated quickly – saving lives and livelihoods,” he tweeted.

Kate Bingham, head of the government’s vaccination task force, said: “Since its inception in June, one of the vaccines’ most important stated objectives has been to access the most promising vaccines across a wide range of technologies – thereby increasing opportunities for safe and effective vaccination against COVID-19.

“The Moderna vaccine is an important addition to our portfolio, and getting an additional two million doses adds to the protection we can provide to the public to end the epidemic.”

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “Every week, we receive very positive news about the range of vaccines in development, and thanks to the work of our team, the UK has pre-ordered hundreds of millions of doses from those companies.

“With a wide range of vaccine candidates in our portfolio, we are ready to use a single vaccine if we need approval from our drug regulator, starting with the most beneficial individuals.”

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