Greenhouse horticulture continues to grow in the United Kingdom

Greenhouse gardening has grown in recent years in the United Kingdom (UK). The acreage is still modest, but it is expected to continue to grow. Brexit and the British government’s policy of stimulus contribute to this. However, there is a limiting factor: labor. The government imposes strict requirements on labor migrants. “Eastern Europeans are not interested in working here if they can work in Germany and the Netherlands.”

In United Kingdom 97% of agricultural land is used for agricultural agriculture and animal husbandry. Horticulture is 1% of agricultural land. Of that 1%, less than 2,800 hectares are greenhouse horticulture. Of this, 450 hectares is used by flower and plant growers. Tim Hedema, Board of Agriculture in the UK, Outlines some of the role that greenhouse horticulture plays in the UK. He does this on a radio broadcast Jungle talk Ann Pepper delicious radio.

Hedema finds that there is a gap in the course set ten years ago. The area under glass horticulture in the UK is growing. “Horticulture was a hobby in the UK. The greater the focus on performance, the greater the productivity. ”


Hedema expects the growth of the greenhouse horticultural area in the UK to continue. (..)

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