Groningen students work in Stockholm on a new ‘tool’ for mental health students

Students from the University of Groningen have left for Sweden, where they participated this week in Stockholm during a special project with Swedish students in developing new digital mental health applications for students in Europe.

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The project is called the “GroUp E-Health Challenge”. The challenge during the event is to develop an innovative digital tool that universities in Europe can implement to support students in their work to improve students’ mental health and resilience.

While the majority of young people (16-29 years old) rate their mental health as good or very good, there are also clear signs that young people’s mental health and well-being has deteriorated over time. The proportion of young people with reduced psychological well-being, anxiety, or anxiety is higher among college students than among professionals in the same age group.

This results in greater general suffering for the individual, as well as a condition that can negatively affect their studies, professional readiness, and dedication. The use of digital technology to support the mental health and resilience of students has grown exponentially in recent years with the presence of personal digital devices – smartphones, fitness trackers, tablets, etc.

However, in our universities in Europe, these tools are seldom used to support our young adults through their college years, in the same way that many companies approach their employer-provided digital health offerings.

During three days (25, 26 and 27 October) in Sweden, more than 25 students (from the University of Groningen and Uppsala University) in Stockholm will work to find solutions to this challenge on the topic of e-health.

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Multidisciplinary and international teams with students from multiple courses and levels (Masters and Bachelors, IT, Medicine, Social Sciences, Economics and Business) are formed there, with multiple support from experts from outside and within universities. The event takes place in a creative environment at the House of Innovation at the Dutch Embassy in Stockholm.

It supervises students from Wijnand Aalderink (Faculty of Economics and Business), Niels Taatgen (Faculty of Science and Engineering and Bas Baalmans (Groningen Digital Business Centre).

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