Groningen’s most cited chemist Kees Hummelen of Ostold Knight has been appointed to the Order of the Lion of Holland

Kees Hummelin was named Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion on Thursday. The Professor of Organic Molecular (Bio) Chemistry at the University of Groningen received the decorations during the Farewell Symposium.

Hummelen, who was born in Oostwold, is an influential university scientist who has made an enormous impact on science, according to the University of Groningen, mainly due to his research into plastic solar cells: “The common denominator in his academic life is his vision and creativity to do what others consider impossible. As an advocate for sustainable solar energy, he has also succeeded in reaching a wide audience.

Hummelen is a widespread scholar both within and outside the scientific community. He is the author of more than 200 scientific articles that have been cited worldwide more than 40,000 times, making him the most cited chemist in Groningen for a long time. His work has been rewarded with awards both within and outside academia. In 2011, for example, during World Environment Day, he was awarded the green ribbon by GroenLinks Groningen for his commitment to solar energy.

Science Ambassador

According to RuG, “Hummelen is an ambassador for science, who works tirelessly for a sustainable world. People close to him describe him as a race optimist, critical thinker, charismatic, and conductor. He is full of creative ideas, listens well and thinks outside the box. Finally, what should not be mentioned is that he is an excellent jazz player.”

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