GTA V’s Michael is tired of people calling Grand Theft Auto VI woke

Ned Locke, the actor who plays Michael in Grand Theft Auto V, responded to players who said Grand Theft Auto VI had become “woke” after the game’s first trailer was released last month.
“There are a lot of these clowns out here saying: ‘The rock stars have woken up, they have joined the world’s awakening.’ First of all, there have been other heroines in the past, but obviously not in something as big as this.” like this “ Luke said IGN.
“GTA 6 is going to be the biggest game ever. It feels like a bada** to me. The last scene where they invade, it looks like a bada**. And the cool thing is that she took the initiative.” She opened the door and then Jason came back. So I don’t know if you read that because it’s going to be a big time and it’s going to be with her or what.”

Lucia wasn’t the only source of hate from players. As is always the case when a minority community is represented, people immediately pointed out ideas about white supremacy, as if the game’s hero is not a white man. It’s all reactionary stuff, and to be honest, it’s better to ignore it than to get sucked into the spiraling toxic waste.

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