Gummers: The cabinet focus was wrong, “You’ve got to go out” • The cabinet should be tested

Peter Duisenberg, president of VSNU, understands the decision to keep universities and colleges closed. “It’s consistent government policy because it said we would have a limited opening if the pollution numbers weren’t so bad. But it isn’t,” he said in the report. Radio NOS 1 News.

However, he also said “from our point of view” that higher education can be safely opened and that it is not justified to allow MBO to open one day a week and universities and colleges do not. “We physically taught us one day a week until December 15th, and it went well. We haven’t had an outbreak, so we can do it in a controlled way.” So he hopes the cabinet will present the opportunities at a subsequent press conference.

Duisenberg said students are not left behind and only get their credits. “But what can they do other than study? They can’t do anything else.” Therefore the luxury is a cause for concern. Many students visit a student psychiatrist with stress, loss of motivation, and loneliness.

Duisenberg also said universities are preparing to fully reopen their doors in mid-August, including application weeks.

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