Gyms are getting rid of tanning beds after a call from dermatologists

The chain announced that it will no longer offer tanning facilities from next Monday.

Basic-Fit offers sunbeds in about fifteen of its more than two hundred branches in the Netherlands. We have already taken action in this area in the past. We will remove the last of our tanning beds as soon as possible,” says a Basic-Fit spokesperson.

a call

“We were surprised by the call,” says NL Actief’s director of trade federation of gyms and fitness clubs, Ronald Waters, of the dermatologists’ request. According to him, about thirty percent of its members have sunbeds in the gym.

“We don’t yet know what it might mean for consumers and businesses if they were removed,” says Waters.

Consumers have their own responsibility, but we do not escape our social responsibility. We stand for health and vitality.”

emphatically proven

In 2009, the World Health Organization described tanning beds as a “controversially proven carcinogen,” according to the Integrated Cancer Center Netherlands (IKNL) on its website.

According to the organization, more than half of all new cancer patients in the Netherlands have skin cancer. More than 70,000 new cases are added every year. “In five years we will have an average of 350 new patients per working day on average,” according to IKNL.

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