Half as many European advanced grants for the Netherlands

Netherlands pulls Germany (37), the United Kingdom (35), France (32), Israel and Spain (16) received only 14 out of 218 grants. A big difference in the 2021 allotment round. The Netherlands then won 253 for 28 Advanced Grants And only Germany and England scored better.

Nearly 1,650 applications were submitted in 2022, almost a quarter of which were submitted by women scientists. A total of 13.2 percent were honored.

In the national rankings, the Dutch are seventh with 10 awards, behind the Germans (36), the French (32), the Italians (21), the British (19), the Israelis (16) and the Spanish. (15)


At the UvA, Jason Hessels, professor of observational high-energy astrophysics and chief astronomer of ASTRON, and Jeroen de Kloet, professor of Globalization, received the prizes. Hessels, who applied for a grant through science funder NWO, will use 3.5 million euros to research the origins of fast radio flashes. De Clot will use his grant of 2.5 million euros to research popular music, contemporary art and queer cinema in mainland China and Hong Kong.


The grants are provisional as the grant for the UK is not yet confirmed. After all, the country just left the European Union. There is an agreement to allow the UK to participate in the European Research Programme, but this has not yet been developed in detail. It’s more likely to work became bigger Since the UK struck a deal with the EU on Northern Ireland border controls at the end of February.

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