Halo Infinite is an innovation in audio technology like the Xbox Series X Exclusive

Xbox Series X – 343 Industries exclusive Halo Infinite is closer than ever. The latest Halo title will be released in Fall 2021; While fans await the more exciting Xbox release, 343 has kept them busy with some tidbits.

The studio allowed fans to participate in the game development process. Previously, 343 talked about how the game harnessed the full potential of the X series, along with talking about the Battle Royale mode and great news about the game’s content.

The latest news can be found all over Halo Infinite’s sound design. 343 Industries pledges to innovate in audio technology with hardware included in the Xbox Series X. Halo combat gets even more immersive with virtual surround sound, as players can now hear exactly where enemies are.

Sound designer Halo Infinite first explains the new franchise feature

Virtual surround sound means that players obtain spatial information about their enemies through the sound. Whether it’s steps, bullets, reload sounds, vehicles, or anything else, players will know exactly where the sound is coming from. Feel like they are in the middle of the battlefield.

Halo Infinite will be the first Halo title to support Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, and DTS Headphone: X virtual surround sound technologies. With these spatial audio technologies, we can make sound appear to be played behind or above you only while wearing stereo headphones.

The approach that the latest Halo title took to achieve this is pretty cool. The engineers have separated the spatial and non-spatial sound. This difference is clearly audible when players use headphones or a surround sound system.

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The Halo audio team intends to preserve the franchise’s legacy

Another important vision fulfilled Audio team Halo Infinite covers their goals in the game. The team has carefully checked all the comments since Halo 5. And one of the things they’ve got is loud and clear that players want to go back to their roots.

Our primary goals for Halo Infinite are to re-capture the essence of Halo’s legacy and amplify the excitement and impact of Halo Battle.

With these goals in mind, sound designers have carefully taken care of the game’s sound. Engineers have worked passionately to make vision a reality, and it will be a great experience for Halo fans once the game finally comes out.

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