He finally began placing the much-discussed artworks in the intellectual heritage into Neude’s library

The installation of Martin Bass’ much-discussed intellectual legacy artwork began Monday. The installation of the artwork on the front of Neude’s library has been delayed several times, but the installation should take place in the coming days.

The 8m by 12m artwork arrived on Monday and is currently waiting on Neude for installation to begin on the facade. Confirmation is expected to take three days, after which the light will be set. From now on, the artwork, with its Las Vegas-like style, neon light and colorful, crowded figures, can be seen in all its glory.

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The artwork was created by Martin Bass, considered one of the most influential Dutch independent “authors and designers” of the century. Baas wants to show the contradiction with the intellectual tradition. The artwork connects the hustle and bustle of the city and square with food, festivals and gaiety with the calm and humility that the library exudes.

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Mounting the artwork took a lot of effort. The artwork was supposed to be hanging on the interface in the second half of 2020, but the project has been hit by a lot of delays. Including because of the halo, but the work of art It also caused a lot of discussion. Some think it is beautiful, while others wonder if it is suitable for a huge building. Plans continued and then Modify the lighting planIt was also given the green light by the city council.

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