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Arthur the brown bear
Photo: AP

The prince of miniature Liechtenstein is under heavy fire: environmentalists accuse Emmanuel von und zu Liechtenstein of killing Arthur with bullets. World Health Organization? Well, Arthur is “probably the biggest bear in Europe”, and he has been protected by banning hunting of large carnivores.

According to Roman conservation organizations, Arthur was shot dead in March by Prince Emmanuel von und zu Liechtenstein in a protected area in the Carpathians. According to NGOs, the prince obtained special permission from the Romanian Ministry of the Environment to shoot a female bear, which caused damage to some farms. Indeed, official documents show that the prince obtained a license to hunt for a period of four days in the Kovasna region. It appears that “the prince did not shoot the problem animal, but a male who lived far in the woods and was not causing any problems.”

Arthur was 17 years old and was the largest bear ever seen in Romania, and possibly even in the European Union. “I wonder how a prince could mix up a female sample that used to live near villages to the largest male in the country who lives deep in the jungle,” said Gabrielle Bown. “Obviously, he didn’t come here to solve a problem for the locals, but to shoot an animal so that he could hang the biggest hunting trophy possible on his wall.”

Brown bears are a protected species in Romania, where trophy hunting has also been banned since 2016. The Romanian government has launched an investigation.

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