Health and Welfare Agency: “Home vaccination will not take place upon request” | Coronavirus is spreading

The Health and Welfare Agency estimates that the volume of home vaccinations is somewhat low. This was announced during the weekly press moment about the vaccination campaign stand in Flanders. The agency considers about ten to twenty home vaccines per GP. “It’s not on demand,” says Dirk DeWolf, the agency’s director.

People who are less mobile can put their vaccine at home and therefore should not go to the vaccination center. However, the Welfare and Health Agency has very strict standards in place, which means that the total number of people who will get an injection at home is still somewhat low: about ten to twenty per GP, according to the agency’s estimates.

The main criterion

The most important criterion is citizen mobility. In other words: can he move or not?

Additionally, people with certain medical criteria are also eligible to get vaccinated at home. More specifically, it concerns patients whose transportation alone poses a high risk of infection (such as cancer patients), people with dementia, people with severe forms of autism or serious mental health problems, people who are bedridden and people with a serious physical disability. to have.

These people receive their injection either through mobile teams from the vaccination center or their general practitioner. It is the GP who decides whether to administer the injection himself or if the mobile team comes.

AstraZeneca from Johnson & Johnson

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People who get vaccinated at home will receive either AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson is logistically a simpler exercise, as only one injection needs to be given, but there is no known schedule for its delivery yet. Low storage temperature is a problem for mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna.

These vaccines are given in our country:

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