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LucerneOn Thursday, June 23, health coach Annick Lehmann will deliver a lecture at the Fragsel Café in Gruendrieff on the topic: More energy through a healthy lifestyle. “We have a huge part of our quality of life and our health in our hands,” Lyman says.

“Nearly six out of ten residents of Lockeren today are overweight. We can infer that from national figures,” says Annick Lehmann. She started a practice in Lokeren where, as a recognized health coach, she guides people toward a healthier lifestyle . “These numbers are realistic. In addition, the number of people suffering from a lack of energy or from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer is increasing.”

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“However, more and more research is showing that we have a very large part of our quality of life and health in our hands. So called lifestyle factors such as what we eat, how much we exercise, how we deal with stress and how we sleep, powerfully determine how fit and energetic we are. We feel it. In addition, healthy habits can also reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases in the long term.”

However, it is often not easy to turn good intentions into real behavioral changes. Her support as a licensed health coach can help with that.

In the region of Lokeren, anyone wishing to invest in better physical and mental health can contact GezonTijd. A broad vision of health, personalization, and a focus on robust and sustainable behavioral changes are central to her approach. We work individually and in groups on topics such as nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and sleep.

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On the agenda: Lecture: More energy through a healthy lifestyle. You have a greater impact on your energy and health than you think! In this lecture, you will learn how nutrition, exercise, relaxation and sleep contribute to your energy level and health, and how you can apply this to your life. Business: Thursday June 23, 19h45-21:30, Café Fragsyl, Groendreef 89, Lokeren, Entrance: €15.

More information and registrations at [email protected] or 0478/71 46 76.


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