Health Comes First – The Comprehensive Concept of JONG Personal Training

It will be known to many people. Yes, you want to exercise more, but that doesn’t get much done. Or you go, but to say you get results, well no. In the hectic pace of work and private life, it is very easy to grab a quick snack, a ready-made meal or a drink. Are you sleeping too little and really resting? No, you haven’t felt this way in a long time. So much to do, so little energy. That should be different…

No time to procrastinate

The good news: Yes, it can be done differently. The bad news: You can’t be late anymore. “This is where we come in, trainers with experience in JONG personal training. We help you become and maintain healthy and energetic, and to be honest, we are very successful at that. With our complete concept of proper hormonal balance, nutrition, sleep and of course a tailored training plan, we work You get permanent results. You see it and notice it, often within a few weeks.”

Three enthusiastic customers are better than forty half-hearted attempts

“The success of our approach begins with your commitment. It can be that simple and meaningless. If you are motivated to follow your personal plan, you will achieve your goals. You will lose weight, get stronger, sleep better and feel fitter. In JONG Personal Training, you work as hard on your mental strength as you do In your physical health. Enthusiastic people are great customers, and we consciously aim for that.”

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We achieve goals with data

Data, a lot of data, is the basis of the overall concept of JONG personal training. “When you start with us, we determine your hormonal profile based on an InBody measurement and a digital medical questionnaire. A good hormonal balance ensures optimal metabolism, while stress, lack of exercise and fluctuations in sugar level do the opposite. On the basis of all the data collected, we prepare personalized training advice. and a meal profile that suits you and the goals you want to achieve.”

All excuses at sea

Then it’s time to throw all the excuses into the sea. “You can go to work, whether at home or in our training room in Orange. You can refer to your personal plan at any time through our mobile application. You follow your diet, supplementing it with certain natural supplements that make up for the deficiencies. In the calendar You can know what exercises to do at any given time, and the results that go along with that.”

If I had done this sooner…

“We work step by step on your health, vitality, strength and condition. An hour of exhaustion can be great, but we are in the process of making a structural improvement. JONG Personal Training was the first at Alphen aan den Rijn to approach this mentoring in a professional manner, and we are determined to maintain that lead So what would it be: Take yourself seriously or keep talking? The choice is yours.”

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