Healthcare professional Irna (55) receives her first injection at Vaxpo: “Skin hunger is great” –

The first vaccinations were given Tuesday morning at Vaxpo, Vaccination Center in Kortrijk, Harelbeek and Corneille. Carer Erna Van der Beken (55) received an injection from Eline Declerq, a home nurse and volunteer at Vaxpo. Over the course of the week, another 300 healthcare professionals will be given their role.

Caregiver Erna van der Becken (55) received an injection from Ellen Diklerk, a home nurse and volunteer at Facexpo. © AN

Today (Tuesday) an estimated 120 shots will be distributed in Hall 5 of the Kortrijk Xpo. After the February 10 dry run, during which the entire course was tested without vaccinations, a so-called “wet run” begins this week.


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Erna van der Becken from Heule, a caregiver at i-mens, received the honor of the first injection. She was given the AstraZeneca vaccine. “I don’t have much time, because I’ll be working again in a minute, but I just couldn’t miss this opportunity,” she smiles. “As a healthcare professional, I am constantly walking out and taking out high-risk patients, and I also have to pay attention at home, because my husband’s health is also poor.” The organization in the center went smoothly. Erna is satisfied. “I was received well, everything went according to the book. She says,“ I have absolutely nothing wrong with me. ”“ My husband has yet to get a vaccination appointment. But we hope it won’t be long. We have six grandchildren we haven’t seen for a long time and are very hungry with the skin. ”After that, we are not allowed to have a second injection until May 18. Only then will you be fully protected. This waiting time is somewhat longer than the three weeks originally planned, And Hilda Verchief, Vaxpo coordinator, was satisfied. ”People seem to get excited. We get a few negative feedback. We hear from many people who are not actually showing they have been vaccinated. Because that passes through Flanders, we don’t know exactly who actually received the injection. Everything is going smoothly at the moment. “On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, one vaccination line will be opened, with a total of 300 vaccines being given. Of all the healthcare professionals invited, nearly 80% confirmed or canceled their appointment because they had already received the vaccination Some employees who started working at Vaxpo are also receiving their first vaccination.7,200 injections in the next week Vaxpo will open its doors on 2 and 3 March For the next 400 doses. Then two lines are opened. All invitations to this have already been sent. So Vaxpo is a far cry from peak capacity. “We plan to use 7,200 shots per week,” says Hilda. But there aren’t enough vaccines for that yet. In order to achieve a 70 percent vaccination rate in Kortrijk, Kuurne and Harelbeke, approximately 90,000 inhabitants must ultimately be vaccinated. has been online ever since. There is a comprehensive Q&A page with a helpful overview of all practical information about accessibility to Vaxpo and how the vaccination process works. There is a contact form for questions. If you want to help at Vaxpo as a volunteer, you can go here Vaxpo call center has been active since last week. Residents of Kortrijk, Harelbeke and Kuurne can call the call center with their practical questions, such as help confirming their appointment and transfer or arranging transportation. The call center can be reached at 056244000. It is best to wait until receiving the vaccination call before contacting us. This way, employees can help you more quickly.

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