Healthy Conversation Podcast: All about eating gluten-free and gluten-free

What is gluten? Is it healthy to eat gluten-free food? And if so, how do you do it? Nutritionist Lisan Bosch specializes in gluten-free foods and tells all about it in this episode of healthy conversation.

When it was Lisan Bush (www.glutenvrijedietist.nlShe just graduated as a dietitian and was diagnosed with celiac disease, a condition in which eating gluten-free food is vital. I was forced to study this diet. Now she is eating healthier food than ever before, and she is also helping her clients with this diet. Do you have celiac disease, or do you know someone with this disease? Or do you feel your gut is reacting violently to gluten? Then be sure to listen to this conversation and learn all about gluten-free food.

No time to listen to this podcast or reread what was said? Here you will find a summary of the conversation.

This episode of healthy conversation is made possible by Cher, The largest and most well-known gluten-free brand. Since 1922, Schär’s mission has been to provide delicious, gluten-free products for all people with special dietary needs. You’ll find the extensive Schär range in all well-known supermarkets, but also health food stores and specialty gluten-free online stores.

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