“Healthy Parenting Together” meetings at Brinkoff in Norge: Health and Vitality

A series of 8-week meetings will begin on Friday 17 June at the Brinkhof in Norg with the theme “Health Education Together”. The program includes information on health and vitality, in a series of four get-togethers before and four summer weeks after, beginning again on September 2.

The meetings are moderated by Gretje Hofsting and Barbara Kalb. They are experts in this field. “As you age, the body changes and this sometimes requires adjustment of eating pattern for example. In addition to nutrition, sleep, fitness and loneliness are also discussed. Increasingly expensive groceries are also given attention, so that meetings are certainly also suitable for people with disabilities. Budget tight, says Gretje Hofsting.

Friday meetings from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. are targeted at the 60+ age group, and are easy to follow for singles and cohabitants, says Barbara Kelb. We share practical information and advice. This, for example, is about the healthy choices everyone can make at the supermarket. Healthy aging doesn’t have to be expensive.

Barbara Kalb from Barbalans and Grietje Hofsteenge from Studio B | M developed the software in collaboration with Welzijn in Noordenveld. This is made possible in part by the Liveability Foundation for Seniors Norg and the Diaconie of the Reformed Church Norg, which means that the contribution is limited to €2 per participant, including materials and coffee.

For registration or more information WIN Servicebureau 050 3176500 Contact Bob Hulshof, Barbara Kalb 06 30085214, www.barbalans.nl 06 10773007, Grietje Hofsteenge, www.studiobm.nl

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