Hearthstone: Break in the Alterac Valley announced in December

Hearthstone: Fractured in Alterac Valley is the latest expansion of the digital card game from Blizzard. Hero and Honorable Kill cards are back as the new keyword.

After we saw two expansions earlier this year focusing on the Horde or the Alliance, this time both factions will be competing against each other in the Alterac Valley, the famous battlefield from World of Warcraft. The Fractured in Alterac Valley deck includes 135 new cards and allows players to choose sides and compete against each other during the in-game Battle for Alterac Valley event.

Hero cards are back

As with each deck, we see the introduction of a number of special cards with unique effects. This time again in the form of hero cards, as we first saw them in Knights of the Frozen Throne. However, don’t expect epic heroes from Azeroth in the main role, but the ten mercenaries we’ve been following up this year on their solo adventures. For example, the Guff Hero Card sets his maximum mana at 20 while Cariel gains a shield that reduces all damage by half as long as he is equipped.

honorable people killed

Each expansion also comes with a new keyword, this time honor killing. Destroying an opponent’s card with the appropriate amount of damage activates a powerful bonus effect. In addition, objective cards are introduced that have effects that last for several turns. These are inspired by the areas of the Alterac Valley where I sometimes spent a lot of time as a player, including the Dun Baldar Bridge.

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