Here’s what you missed last night: Manon de Rooy has setback, gold for Poland in racing career

The Tokyo Olympics live mainly at night for us. And because you can’t mess with your biorhythm every night, we’ll do it for you.

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What were the highlights of last night?

Tonight’s Olympics included less popular sports globally in the program. Pole David Tomala won the 50km race walk. This was only the second time the Pole had ever finished a race at that distance, and immediately it was good for a gold medal at the Games.

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In women’s beach volleyball, American duo April Ross and Alex Kleinman won the gold medal in two sets. Ross Kleinman has been nicknamed “Team One” because they are a great duo despite their story being different: two-time Olympic medalist Ross, Kleinman started the sport just four years ago.

How did the Belgians perform?

Only one Belgian athlete appeared tonight: Manon de Roy† The golfer was still 11th after round two last night, but was unable to maintain her level in round three. Relegated to a tie for 34th place after a round by three strokes on par.

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Did you miss something fun?

Spain’s Jesus Angel Garcia Bragado said goodbye to the race that was walking tonight with eighth place over 50 kilometers. It was his eighth (!) game. He made his debut at the 1992 Barcelona Games and has competed in every Olympics since then. At age 51, his shoe is now hung on the hook.

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This is still on the agenda:

10:15 am: Women’s Team Race, Final, Julien Dehor and Lotte Kubicki

13:25-13:40 Athletics, Men’s 4X400m Series, Belgian Torandos

12:00: Jumping, team competition qualification, Peter DeVos (with Claire Z), Jerome Gehry (Quail homme de Hos), Gregory Wathelet (Nevados)

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