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After helping his father Jafar Panahi (Tehran Taxi) in several films, Panahi Panahi is now making his directorial debut with HIT THE ROAD, a road movie not to be missed.

A family of four. Father’s leg appears to be broken. The mother alternates laughing and crying. The boy plays wild car karaoke, complete with dance numbers. His older brother has a mysterious look on his face. He is about to leave Iran and is accompanied by his family on this farewell trip. Fondly memories of the past alternate with fears of an uncertain and uncertain future: How do you say goodbye?

Hit the Road is a favorite in many famous festivals. From BFI London Film Festival, to Cannes Film Festival 2021, Melbourne International Film Festival and also Film Fest Gent. And at the Luxembourg City Film Festival, Hit the Road won the Audience Award and the Critics’ Award.

The international press is also very excited about Hit the Road:

“Exciting and satisfying creation, full of warmth and humanity, this is a victory.” daily screen

“Hit the Road, the delightful debut introducing director Panahi Panahi, son of esteemed Iranian author Jafar Panahi.” New York times

“(…) he proves to be his father’s son, directing the slow, self-reflexive realism found in much of the best work of the Iranian New Wave; and perhaps most importantly, he transcends his father’s work to discover a distinctive new voice, in a film about a son who breaks ties with his family So that he can find his own way.” The Hollywood Reporter

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