HomePod mini tips: These are the 11 best Siri commands

The HomePod mini has been available in the Netherlands and Belgium since last week. Do you have one or plan to buy one? And you don’t know what to say to Siri yet? Read our HomePod mini tips here!

1. Hey Siri, set the timer for 10 minutes

Just a skillet full of pasta? Ask Siri to set a timer for the length of time you want, and you’ll hear a tone when the timer ends. Then say “Hey Siri, stop” to stop the tone. Enjoy your dinner!

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2. Hey Siri, wake me up at 7 AM

With HomePod in the bedroom you have the perfect smart alarm: just indicate when the alarm goes off.

3. Hey Siri, what time is the Apple Store open?

Siri knows all about stores and restaurants. For example, ask about opening times, how close the location is, or how long it takes to drive somewhere.

4. Hey Siri, do I need a raincoat today?

Weather app iPhone ios 15: Weather Maps

Inside the HomePod is a great weather forecaster. Ask about temperature, precipitation, sunrise, and humidity – Siri always has an answer. You can also ask about the weather in a particular place, such as “Is it snowing in Mayrhofen this week?”

5. Hey Siri, what was the outcome of the match between Willem II and AZ?

No time to watch Studio Sport on a Sunday evening? Then ask Siri for soccer scores and stats.

6. Hey Siri, how old is an alpacas?

You probably know someone who knows the craziest random facts. Siri is that person squared. Via Wikipedia, the voice assistant can search for all kinds of information about people, buildings, countries and animals: just ask.

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7. Hey Siri, what does an ant look like?

Wikipedia is not only full of facts but also full of audio clips. Siri can also access these parts, so if you ask about the sound of an animal or a particular instrument, you can allow it HomePod mini Earphone. Fun for kids!

8. Hi Siri, what is 49.5% of 146601?

We’re slowly forgetting mental arithmetic, and Siri helps with that. The voice assistant solves arithmetic operations, but also helps convert units of measurement or currency.

9. Hey Siri, turn on the sound of the ambient rain

HomePod surround sound

Can you completely relax to the sound of rain, sea, forest, fireplace or running water? Ask Siri to set it up. Then tell you to stop playing within 30 minutes, the ambient noise will not work all the time when you fall asleep.

10. Hey Siri, play Ted Lasso on Apple TV in the bedroom

HomePod acts as a remote control for both Camel: For example, ask about a series, turn on subtitles, or turn the TV on or off. And if your Apple TV is in the same room as the HomePod, you don’t even need to name the room in your task.

11. Hey Siri, dim the lights in the living room

Once you add smart home devices to the Home app, you can control them with HomePod. Control lights, thermostats, blackout curtains, and more – as long as it’s smart.

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