Horta designed the hospital as a work of art in healthcare architecture

In the early 20th century, the concept of hospital architecture was revolutionized by Belgian architect Victor Horta. While most hospitals at the time were known as cold, curative places, Horta designed the Brugman Hospital in Brussels as a space that promoted health and well-being through its innovative approach and integration of nature and architecture.

Brugmann Hospital, located on a spacious plot of land in the Getty, was designed with a radically different vision from its predecessors such as the Sint-Jean and Sint-Peters hospitals in Brussels. These hospitals were overcrowded and insufficient to cope with the massive population growth and associated epidemics. Victor Horta He was tasked with building a hospital that not only meets the functional requirements of a modern healthcare institution, but also creates an environment conducive to patients’ recovery.

Park Hospital

Inspired by foreign examples, Horta chose a design that was not only sublime, but extended into several wings. This design was based on Montazah Hospital’s philosophy, which is based on the belief that patients will recover faster if they are surrounded by nature. The hospital grounds have been planted with a variety of trees and shrubs, each blooming at different times, creating a therapeutic landscape where patients can walk and relax.

Each ward within Brugman Hospital serves a specific medical specialty, such as pediatrics, oncology and dermatology, reducing the risk of cross-contamination between patients with different conditions. This design also provided separation between consultation and patient areas, creating a more efficient and safe care environment.

Light and air

An emphasis on natural light and air was important in Horta’s design. Large windows facing the sun and strategically calculated spaces ensure that each patient gets enough light and fresh air, which is essential for physical and mental recovery.

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Today, the Horta-Brugmann Hospital is recognized as an Art Nouveau gem with a well-thought-out design that was far ahead of its time. It highlights how important architecture and environmental design are to the health and well-being of patients, and remains an inspiring example of how hospitals can not only be places of healing, but also spaces where design and care come together.

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